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Every girl dreams to be a princess, and when grown up, every girl dreams of her wedding: a just perfect wedding.

Now imagine that girl, now all grown up, smiling with happiness because she can have both her greatest dreams come true.

Imagine to pronounce that awaited Yes in front of friends and family, in a unique location, where story embraces culture and tradition, living a fairytale.

The rooms of the Castle of Castagneto welcome the guests by immersing them in a timeless atmosphere; relatives and friends from the terrace enjoy the view of the islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the amazing sunsets; the garden will host guests for a break and a short walk.

The wedding of your dreams is about to come true. Romantic, country-chic, traditional, glitzy: all your wishes will be satisfied, leaving nothing to chance.

Do you want a civil wedding? Do you prefer to pronounce your vows in the Church of San Lorenzo?

All your preferences will be looked after by a team of professionists who will provide you with a precise and careful counseling.

Are you ready to say Yes?

Do you want your marriage to be the event of the year? Gorgeous, colorful, sparkling and do you want a truly memorable location to spend a marvellous time with your family and your friends? Do you rather prefer something simple, genuine, without frills, in the countryside? Whatever the theme of your wedding is, however you want to celebrate it we are here to help you, from the catering service to all the amenities you need.

In case tradition and white dress were not for you, we can help you plannig a civil ceremony with anything you need to make your guests feel at home.

The Castle of Castagneto is at your disposal to make your dreams come true!

Winter flowers to frame the best day of your life

Who said the best wedding are only in springtime or summertime?

Imagine reaching the Castle of Castagneto by walking up the hill along a bouevard of cypresses, in a day when the pale rays of the sun light up frozen dew drops on tree branches making them shine like diamonds.

The bride who decides to fullill her dream wedding on a winter day in this wonderful location can walk the halls draped in her white fur and a bouquet of little white pearl-like flowers and feel just like a princess.

Although a lot of people still think springtime and summertime are the best to get married, in recent years more and more couples are choosing a different time of the year to get married.

Unusual and original, fascinating and charming, a winter wedding at the Castle od Castagneto promise you an unforgettable day and everlasting memories.

Stay at the Castle and visit the area

Castagneto Castle is available also for short sojourn.

The surrounding territory, thanks to its variety, offers the opportunity to choose from range of activities such as horseback riding, forest walking, boat trips to the island of Elba and hunting trips for individuals or groups.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Castagneto Carducci is close to many cities of great historical and cultural value as Populonia, Lucca, Pisa, Massa Marittima and many more.

It will surely be an unforgettable event

Whether it is a dinner date or a moment of relax with your family or friends, the Castle of Castagneto is the perfect venue for a special time.

A first-rated team, with great organizational experience, is ready to take care of all the planning: from the choice of the best rooms and menus to making sure that everything is exactly as you want.